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We just got our ab today. I know they are broad in the shoulder area, but he seems to be walking funny. Like his legs are too big for his body. Is this normal or should we have him checks. He is about 16 weeks old. Thanks for the help.

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I had 2 AB's. I had a male and a female. The male was big he got to 125 lbs. When he was a pup his feet were so big that he did walk funny, he would drag his paws. He did outgrow that but if I were you I would get him checked out for shoulder and hip issues just in case. I will throw some bad news at you about mine. He did have an enlarged heart from birth and I didnt find out till I was already in love with him so I kept him. He was great until his 5th year. He started retaining alot of water in his abdomin. I did have to put him to sleep, that was the hardest thing I have ever done. They are the greatest dogs in the world for companions. Dont get more than one. they will fight especially if you feed them together. I would stick with the one until you feel him out a bit. excercise the heck out of them or have a nice size yard to let him or her romp.

I have a female AB,6 yrs, a new neutered male boxer, 9 months, a new not-yet-neutered 4 yr old Englixh Mastiff , an elderly border collie and small dogs. No fighting.

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