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We took my AB out of town one weekend where he had to spend the night outside. When we brought him back home he had scabby bumps all over his head and face. They left ugly scars where the hair no longer grows. Now we recently got a female AB and she stays in our house and only goes outside to potty or play and she has now got the same scabby bumps all over her face and head. Both of them are on flea and tick med. Does anyone know what it could be?

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more than likely to be a grass alergy

I've found that in my English mastiff does the same thing.. He eventually got a hot spot on his face from scratching this and the only remedy I had at home was peroxide... Didn't hurt the dog and after a week the scabs went away on their own. That was all I knew to do without having to buy expensive stuff (which i would've done anyways) but when your dogs face looks that bad from starting to scratch those bumps you want relief for them as soon as possible.. Since then he's had no problems.

This is called Pyoderma and is cause by a bacteria that is always present on the skin. AB's are prone to this skin condition. There will be a rash, hair loss, and pus at the infection site. Topical and/or internal antibiotics are needed to completely get rid of the rash.

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