Photo I own a pug that is digging everything in my house and also is destroying walls and furinture. How d

He probably isn't getting enough exercise. He is chewing and tearing things up because he is frustrated. Chewing and tearing things up is a way to vent that energy. A couple of 20-30 minute leash w

Photo I own two pug brothers from same litter,they are 3 yrs old,and sleep together and love one another.h

I only have one pug. I aso have a Boston Bull and our pug will do the same thing! She tease-takes thing away from the Bull dog! She is a lot younger and thinks she can get away with it too ! What do y

Photo We own a seven month old pug. He has not been disciplined correctly, and has grown immune to yellin

A bark collar! Yes, perfect tool for bark training. Or a spray collar. Whenever the dog barks, a bitter apple spray will spray right in the dog's face.

Photo We're getting a pug puppy...yeah, very excited, but concerned. The breeder says she is ready to go n

Puppies should NEVER leave their mother before 8 weeks of age. Preferably 9, but NEVER before 8. You should look for another breeder. A good, reputable breeder would not be trying to whisk puppies awa

Photo Is it true that black pugs have a single coat? I have heard that they do not shed as much as the faw

This is totally false. The pug is one breed, black or fawn, a pug is a pug. Both double coats, therefore, both shed just as much. There are alot of pug rumours in the world and I would like you not to

Photo I just bought two pugs from the same litter. They are five months old. For those that have litter ma

I would rather do it separately so that the pugs don't get distracted by each other.

Photo I am planning to buy a pug...What should I check in order to get an ideal specimen. I mean are there

You would become old till you finish reading this, but if you want to get a new and good kind of pug you should be patient and understand what I am telling you. Read the following carefully: Pugs are

Photo My three month old pug eats his own feces. What do you recommend to stop this habit? I have tried

I have a 13 yr old male Pug. I have never been able to solve this. The best reason I got from a well informed vet is a maturity issue. The eat their mothers when they are young for the protein and som

Photo My pug(black) just had a liter of pups.The male pug is fawn.....I have one pup that kinda looks like

I am a pug breeder and love all the color variations of pugs. So I have done a lot of research on the subject. To answer your question, true silver in the pug is a rare color indeed, which should not

Photo My pug puppy is a little over 3 months old. I'm wondering if I have a picky eater on my hands. So fa

Sounds like you have a typical puppy on your hands. Try not to be so worried. You are not doing anything wrong. Pugs think they are people. So, like people, they have their own personality and prefere

Photo is it possible for 2 fawn pugs to have a black pug?

im sure its possible. I bought my pug from a litter that the mother and the father were black and all the babies were black except for one that was fawn.

Photo My pug puppy is lazy. I know...hard to believe...but she is, actually depressed seems more like the

yes she might have carlo

Photo Hi, my partner and I are dying for a pug! But the problem is we work full time and are gone for abou

Get two!... or more! There are still 13 more hours in the day and if they sleep with you, that counts as human contact. Weekends are for quality time. Go for it!

Photo My female Pug is almost two years old and not fixed. She has been spinning around on her rump like s

I too have a female pug she does the sme thing. every dog has two sacks on both sides of the ance this is filled with a liquid that helps then go to the bathroom. sometimes when they have a bowel move

Photo I have two adorable pug puppies, now 16 weeks old. The black one is typical pug shaped, with a well

it is nothing at all.I have a pug, whose name is Sunni,and she also has this kind of body shape.AT first, I was worried too, but then i read that this is just because of NOTHING! :P Hope this helps :)

Photo My pug has a very pronounced fold which gets sweaty easily. She fights with me terribly when I try t

My Pug Donna also has a very pronounced fold on her nose and was fighting terribly when I wanted to clean it. I persisted with short attempts and now find that when I pull the skin back with my left t

Photo I can't seem to housebrake my pug for anything! Could someone give me some advice, she will pee &am

I have 5 pugs and they need a crate. Crate training is the best and only method that works for me and fellow pug owners. The bad side of using a pee pad is that its a square on the floor. So what if y

Photo My 7 year old pug (Wilson) is suddenly holding his head to the right all the time. The vet said that

Inteverm ointment can be perscribed by your vet and that would of cleared it up I think they could get it for you online also.

Photo We have a one year old pug. She is mostly house broken. She has not made a mess on the carpet sinc

Any of these might work for you depending on how you want to treat your dog: 1. Try moving it somewhere, where the dog won't find it. 2. Try using a spray repellant, they sell them at any local p

Photo We have two pugs. The one I'm writing about is nearly 11 years old and he has developed some proble

I don't know if this will help but my 10 yr old pug has had alot of problems including an unstable back end. If you don't already give them try giving him Pet-tabs (vitamins) available at your vet. Ma

Photo I have a pug that is almost 9months old. This may be a crazy question but I have recently noticed as

Not all Pugs tails curl all the time. It is completely normal.

Photo My oldest Pug, who turned 22 (yes, 22!) years old this year, has developed a tumor on her back. It s

I had a pekingese that had what sounds like the same thing. He lived to 19 and died of old age. He started with one scabby wart like thing that got bigger and later it spread into a couple of smalle

Photo My Pug is 18 months old his eyes seem very weepy and gets a pale yellow runny discharge from them. C
Photo My 20 month old pug has an itchy face, I keep his folds clean, it does not smell, the black bit of h
Photo Our 7 year old pug gave birth today for the first time. She gave birth to 4 puppies. One of the four
Photo Is there a reason my pug needs his anal glands squeezed so often?

Their bodies are too little to squeeze the secretion gland themselves when they go.

Photo Is it normal for pugs to have blood in their urine when they are in heat?

you can buy a dog house

Photo My pug just turned 7 yrs old. Her right eye is irritated and weaping all of the time. This may soun

These are desparate times and vets are getting more and more expensive. I, unfortunately understand your delema. I have used neosporin (not the one with pain killer) with great success on a cat who wa

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