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i have a 7 wk old puppy and he loves to bite. how can i get him to stop. has lots of toys and i exercise and play with him alot. help?

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what I did with Zoey, was push a toy in her mouth every time we came home, and praise her for having a toy. She caught on. She is almost 5 and still greets us with a toy in her mouth, we still praise her. She used to hit us with her teeth, in her happiness.

A squirt bottle and some lime juice should do the trick.

I would use a toy as a 'replacement', not a squirt bottle with something foul. Do you really want your dog to associate you with pain and discomfort? Bulldogs do best with positive training, not harsh corrections.

I realize the squirt bottle seems "mean" but you dilute the lemon jucie (less than 1/4 cup and the rest of the bottle with water.) I have a 1 1/2 year old American bulldog, who is wonderful but he greatly enjoyed using our fingers, hands and toes as chew toys. We tried the positive training and putting the toy in his mouth and prasising him, he is a stuborned love. The lemon juice doesnt cause pain, but it does shock them and it does work

My AB responded really well when we sqealed like a injured littermate when she got too mouthy. She learned how hard to bite as not to hurt incase she ever needs it in real life. We now have a 4 lb dog that steps over his limits once in a while and our Bella knows just how much to warn him with out hurting him.

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