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i have just got a 1 and a half year old white shepherd but she is always very frightened. I have other dogs and children and she is terrified. sometimes to the point she can get a little snappy. she just hides away in the corner of the room avoiding everyone. Im so worried that i will not be able to keep her due to her tempramental ways. is there any way of getting her to come out of her shell? I do not know the breed well but i have heard that white shepherds can be timid and sometimes dangerous due to the timidness? i am hoping this is not the case with beautiful clio but i just dont know what to do. please anyone who can help me please do as i do not have the slightest clue about this breed.

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Try setting up a cargo style crate (largest size you can buy, not the cage style). Make that her safe place. Our white shepherd retreats to his crate when startled by lighting or storms or when he just wants to have some alone time. We accept that he will go to his crate many times each day. We were told that they are den animails. I would also suggest a home visit by a trainer, someone who follows Ceasar's approach..

I have a dog just like that, he is now eight. He is afraid, timid, and its been horrible. No one can come into my home. Get rid of the dog. Or you will end up with a lawsuit. I love my dog, but it has been the worst years of my life.

I have a two year old white shepherd that we rescued. He was badly abused and found chained to the Humane Society fence starving. He was terrible timid but we got a trainer, worked hard to build trust as the trainer built confidence and we can see major improvements! We're only a month into this and it looks VERY promising. I think this dog will be MORE than worth the effort!

I have had a fantastic white shepherd for 7 years. He came from the SPCA and was frightened of everything when I got him. I took him on regular hikes and ensured he got regular walks out in a well human and dog walking area to socialize him. He used to hide in the corner but does so less now with lots of visitors. The dog will come to them with treats but don't push them on him. He is devoted to us and now can sit out on the sidewalk where we have frequent passers by and he now goes up to them for a pat. I also got another dog who gave him a sense of family and he feels he has a proprietorship with her which seems to give him confidence. It's all about confidence with proper socialization. I always hear from people what a great dog he is...it took some patience though. Hang in there!!!!

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