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my 3 year old ab pees when I get home from work. Last night when my husband try to bring her back to where she had peed she bite him on the thumb and drew blood. she has never shown aggession before. What to do?

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Usually dogs like them, if TOO excited, pee. Aggression is never good, if it's a one time thing than maybe it was just when your puppy got excited that time.

Females tend to pee when they get overly excited due to weak vaginal muscles. In order to avoid the peeing and nipping, ignore her until she calms down. Sometimes they do not know what to do with their excitement so they exert it in peeing or nipping. When you first enter the house, ignore her completely. If she jumps up turn away from her. Eventually she will not be receiving the excited attention that causes her to pee or nip. Give her CALM attention once she has settled down.

She nipped out of fear not aggression. She expected to be hit for peeing. She needs to be more confident, Place a pee pad near the door until you can build her confidence. Do that by not hitting or scolding her just dont respond to her nervous leakage because she cant help it. Re-visit obedience training with a possitive only approach. Reward good behavior and just repeat an exersize if done incorrectly...no scolding or correction. This is fairly easy to fix.

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