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my american bulldog is nearly 3 years old, she is very lively and excited, and runs about like a headless chicken and doesnt listen to hardley anything you say to her. she lives outside and has the plenty of room to run about all day. any ideas on how to get her attention and calm her dowm more?

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Try working with him using basic commands like "come here", "sit" and "lie down". When he obeys, immediately give him a treat such as the puppy peperoni treats. With these commands, your AB will learn how to gradually control his energy. If your AB continues to run around like a wild chicken, stand there until he sits and when he sits, give him a treat.

also american bulldogs are prone sometimes to deafness so be aware of this too. My sister's am bull was very disobedient also. And it took a lot of consistency when training her. As soon as she thought she could get away with something she would try. Dont let this happen or before you know it, your dog will be training you.

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