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(Hungarian Pumi) The Pumi is a unique looking little dog.  An odd shaped muzzle leads back into a round head.  On their small head are slanted dark brown eyes while on the top of their head are small folded over ears.  A thick neck leads to a broad chest and sunken in stomach.  The breed’s short legs lead to round feet.  On their back is a tail which looks more like a puff ball.  Their petite bodies are covered with an unusual coat which is similar in texture to a Puli’s and a Komondor’s but does not form cords. The coat is extremely curly and thick and comes in black, brown, and gray.   

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Pumis are extremely family friendly dogs.  However, they do not get along with strangers because they are protective.  This breed is often dog-aggressive even with proper socialization.  Children need to not bother this little dog.  Being a guard dog is in their nature, so they are protective and not trusting.  While they are loving with their family in the house, this dog is almost always on guard outside of the house.

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13 – 19 inches
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18 – 33 pounds
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General Health

The Pumi has a life expectancy of 12-13 years.  This breed is not common so any health concerns they may have are not known.

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The Pumi originated in the 18th century in Hungary after a Puli was mixed with some other type of herding dog.  This crossing has resulted in the breed’s unique coat.  While the Puli was created to help with herding duties, the Pumi works as a cattle driver.  Although they have been around for several centuries, the breed only became recognized in the 1920’s and has maintained small numbers outside of Hungary.

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Grooming is simple for this curly coated dog.  Occasional combing is required but not often.  Any excess hair in their ears should be trimmed.  However, if this dog is going to be used as a show dog different grooming requirements need to be met.  Like most hunting and guard dogs, intense exercise is needed.  If they live in the country, playing outside or guarding will be enough to release their energy.  However, if they live in a house or city area, new methods for releasing energy are needed, such as playing games or doing agility training.

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Ideal Environment

The Pumi is a sweet dog that is not right for all family environments.  Family members get lots of love and affection from this little dog.  However, strangers do not get a nice reaction because this dog is protective and does not trust strangers.  As long as children do not badger this dog, the breed is normally friendly with them.  Exercise is extremely important for this active dog.  So living on a farm is an ideal environment for the Pumi.  They should get to run and play in a large yard.  An apartment is an unacceptable living environment because they love to guard and run in a yard.  This breed can live indoors or outdoors in any climate.

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