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The Raibs Suns is a rare breed whose looks vary.  A rounded head with a short muzzle usually is what people first notice about this little dog.  Its round eyes can come in many colors, but the most common are brown or blue.  On the top of their heads are small ears that can be folded over or erect.  Their surprisingly broad necks lead to round bodies and short legs.  Their coat is shaggy in appearance with an abundance of hair on their head, legs, and tail which curls on to their back.  Their coat colors vary from solid to parti-colored and all colors in between. 

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The Raibs Suns is rare in the United States so not much is known about its personality.  They are intelligent, however, and like many smart dogs they may be difficult to train.  Lively and fun loving, these little dogs want to have a good time.  They love being around other dogs.  Unfortunately, small children may not be respectful or calm enough around the Raibs Suns. 

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10-12 inches
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4-11 pounds
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General Health

The Raibs Suns has few health problems, except luxating patella which is common.  Their life expectancy is between 12-15 years.

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The Raibs Sun’s exact origin is hard to determine because it isn’t a purebred dog at all.  Instead, the dog seems to have gotten its start in countries such as Estonia and Lithuania where many different dog breeds were mixed together to create, essentially, a mongrel.  The breed’s name means “spotted dog” and no breed standard exists.

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Grooming is very easy for this shaggy haired dog.  Brushing should be done about once a week to remove tangles and to prevent matting.  Little exercise is needed for this tiny dog.  However, they do need some exercise by playing with another dog or running in the house.  It is important that their teeth be examined and cleaned frequently because they are prone to dental problems. 

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Ideal Environment

The Raibs Suns is not a common dog but is a sweet one.  Small children should be careful around this tiny fragile dog.  The breed should be in a house with another dog because they love canine company.  Extreme weather conditions can be hard on this breed so they should always live in the house.  An apartment is a suitable environment for the Raibs Suns because they require little exercise and most of their energy can be released by playing in the house.

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