Photo how come all the rat terriers i see have little tails?

They usually dock them to prevent the rats and such they catch from having something to bite at. You see, I have a rat terrier of my own and her tail is just a nub.

Photo how many puppies does a rat terrier usally have?

We have had 3 litters since 2007. The first litter we had 7 & lost 2. The second litter we had only 1 but he made it. We just had a litter 10 days ago and she had 8. 5 boys & 3 girls. We lost

Photo How can I determine the age of my rescued rat terrier?

By judging teeth wear or by counting the number or teeth.

Photo Why are Rat Terriers so shaky?
Photo just adopted a rat terrier but she is scared of my husband. Will she warm up to him?

Eventually if he plays and spends time with her.

Photo how many puppies do they avg

buddy is 8 of 9 puppies, unusual but happens ,his front muscle upper arm area was crushed from others resulting in funcioning 3 legs,this did not stop him from normal routine, in fact he can swim-fist

Photo a new borns tail should be cut to what length?

3rd vertabra---- best to have a vet do it. It's fairly cheap.

Photo One of my rat terriors is very skinny, doesn't like to eat no matter what I try, and shakes. He see

She or He must feel #1. My suggestion, if you don't already, allow the little rattie to sleep with you, forever bonded...

Photo I have a rat terrier that is 8 years old. He goes after his tail and bites it and it bleeds all over
Photo I have a 2 yr. old rat terrier. She has a sty on her lower left eye lid. Should I leave it alone?
Photo My rat terrier shakes so bad but stops when she's warm. She loves the sun and to lie in front of our

My rat terrier suffered from skin allergies and often had an upset stomach until I changed her food. The problem was her inability to process the protein, a common problem with many dogs not just rat

Photo Would a Rat terrier dog make a good Moutain biking tag alone dog on the trail with me?

I would say "no". While they are an energetic breed, they aren't the most hearty. Their skinny legs really weren't meant for runs up and down rocky areas. They're sprinters.

Photo I know that Rat Terriers don't need much in the grooming area but could you tell me if they shed mu

My two rat terriers shed A LOT! But it is easy to identify their hairs and clean them up.

Photo She has been great, healthy, and full of energy for 10yrs. then all of a sudden she has been back an
Photo Has anyone ever had a confrontation with a rattlesnake and their terrier? Mine is vaccinated but I d
Photo My Rat, Carpet (my daughter named her when my daughter was 3) will be 14 in Sep. She seems to have l
Photo what can you do about swollan anal glans
Photo what can I do to help my dog with swollan anal glans

UH! Take him/her to a Doctor but my Rattie's anal glands get swollen when he has to make doo doo. I can always tell when he has to make doodoo because his little but gets all puffy and red.

Photo My neighbor has a rat terrier, she comes to visit often and my family enjoys her company. However,

I would ask a dog expert and ask if there is a breed of rat terrier that is skinny and if there is not a kind like that I would ask your neighbors what are they feeding the dog.

Photo I have two ratties and my landlord is trying to force me to keep the dogs outside. I live in Yakima

My Rattie and I live in Portland Oregon and it is just a little warmer in Winter here, sometimes. He gets cold on cool Spring days so I always have his quilted coat with me as they cannot tolerate the

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