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The bright eyed Redbone Coonhound looks like many other coonhounds.  Their slightly round heads, usually covered with wrinkles, lead to their long rectangular muzzle.  Their upper lip hangs down past their bottom lip, and their eyes are small and almond shaped.  The breed’s large, heavy ears hang over the sides of their head and reach their solid, muscular neck.  Based their neck, the breed has a broad, powerful shoulders and a well-muscled body.  Their long, skinny legs seem almost out of place when compared to the powerful appearance of the rest of their body.  Their smooth, solid-colored coats lay close to their bodies.

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Their paws are relatively small and cat-like. Their paws are also webbed.

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The Redbone Coonhound is a friendly and affectionate dog.  Family members and strangers alike get warm greetings and enthusiastic affection.  Sweet and gentle with children of all ages, this breed also gets along well with other dogs.  Small animals should not be around this breed because of their intense hunting instinct.  An agile breed, the Redbone Coonhound can quickly and easily hunt many different animals.  This breed is always eager to please which is why they do well at hunting and training.  Normally this breed did not live in the house, but they have now become accustom to being an indoor dog.

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21-27 inches
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50-70 pounds
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General Health

The Redbone Coonhound is a healthy breed with no frequent diseases.  Their life expectancy is 11-12 years.

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The Redbone Coonhound originated after a dedicated effort on the part of hunting enthusiasts and dog breeders to standardize what was already a commonly known type of dog.  At the time, any red colored hound used for tracking down raccoons was known by this breed’s name, so a group of people in the southern part of the United States worked together to create the actual breed through careful breeding with other hunting dogs, including Foxhounds.  Today, the Redbone Coonhound can be a tremendously reliable hunter and a loving companion.

The Redbone Hound was bred in 1840 when Dr. Thomas Henry crossbred the Foxhound and the Bloodhound. Redbone Coon Hounds were the first to be registered in the U.K.C. and where bred for hunters in Georgia and Tennessee who wanted a hound that could run faster.

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To groom the Redbone Coonhound all that is needed is an occasional brushing.  This breed sheds very little.  Exercise is, of course, essential for any hunting dog.  They need intense exercise like running, jogging, or swimming to keep them active and happy.  This breed can live outside or inside but prefers being with their family.  At least basic training, such as sit and stay, needs to be taught to this highly intelligent dog.

Coonhounds are relatively good jumpers.

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Ideal Environment

The Redbone Coonhound is an active and fun loving dog.  Family members will receive plenty of love and affection.  This breed is great around kids of all ages which makes them a good family dog.  Strangers will feel right at home with this sweet dog that loves everyone.  Other dogs and the Redbone Coonhound get along great.  However, this breed does not do as well with small animals because of their hunting instincts.  Exercise is vital to a happy Redbone Coonhound, but they will release most of their energy on their own if allowed to run in a yard.  A secure fence should be around this hunting dog to prevent them from running away to hunt.  The Redbone Coonhound can live in an apartment but are happiest with a large yard.

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Redbone Coonhound Q&A

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why are my coon hounds eyeys red today. allergies ??

my coonhound used to have this problem. it is most likely because of lack of sleep.


My redbone coonhound has all the traits and markings that the breed is supposed to have except! I think his ears are a little to short is that a flaw in his breeding or is that just the way some pups turn out?

nothing is perfect so it probably just a flaw so as long as he hunts and u have his papers u should be alright but if ur going to breed then i would look into it cause defect turn away some hunters


My purebread coonhound is 3 years old and weighs well over 50lbs, problem is that his back and belly sides are very skinny looking. He eats at least 4 cups of food/day but his spine still shows. Is this normal?

if your dog is too skinny, try adding a high fat meat to his diet until he ''thickens out.''make sure that he gets plenty of exersize everyday. walking, jogging, or even swimming some. i try to make sure my redbone gets at least an hour to and hour and a half of exersize every day. you could even try asking a local vet or coondog breeder for ideas or tips onthis problem.


how do redbones do with underground fences?

we have an underground fence and my redbone will not cross it.


How do you get a Red Bone to heel when she is very interested in sniffing and ready to run?

it depends how old if she the dog is still young u can teach it with a leash to heel by dragging the dog 2 your heel and scolding them are if they are older u just have 2 love them and give them a treat :)


Is it abnormal for a Redbone Coonhound to shed excessively? I have one that is 5 years old and she has never been a "light shedder." It also seems to get worse every year as she gets older.

it is not unusual i know someone who has a redbone coonhound and she sheds a lot.


Do redbone hounds shed?



How much should a redbone puppy weight at 4 months of age? My pup doesn't look solid. She eats more than the recommended amount.


my neighbors have a redbone they put him outside and he barks incessantly to get back in at their window to be with his pack. how can I explain to them how annoying the redbone bark is and not to allow this to go on for 2 and 3 hours straight. they never walk him, he gets no excercise. I understand not dogs fault but there must be something on print that I can give them to make them understand. This dog should probably be out on acreage. They did no researc h on breed prior to getting it to find out of right dog for them. They bought it because it was cute. DUMB REASON!!! I have been recording these bark sessions for when I take them to court, I dont want to that is why I am asking your forum for help. He is not a bad dog just has bad owners. HELP ME or they are going to court. I have had numerous talks with them about this issue and it falls on deaf ears.

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