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How do you get a Red Bone to heel when she is very interested in sniffing and ready to run?

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it depends how old if she the dog is still young u can teach it with a leash to heel by dragging the dog 2 your heel and scolding them are if they are older u just have 2 love them and give them a treat :)

It was tough to train my redbone to do that, but it can be done. We had success with a training collar that tightened when tugged, because she was too strong and stubborn to be fazed by tugging on a normal collar. Whenever she would pull or try to run we would stop her pull her back to heel, say the command firmly and begin walking again. Every time they stray you stop, bring them back, say command. Makes for annoyingly long walks with lots of stopping, and even now I'll still occassionally have to stop and command, but she does listen and never pulls on the leash

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