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My redbone coonhound has all the traits and markings that the breed is supposed to have except! I think his ears are a little to short is that a flaw in his breeding or is that just the way some pups turn out?

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nothing is perfect so it probably just a flaw so as long as he hunts and u have his papers u should be alright but if ur going to breed then i would look into it cause defect turn away some hunters

I have 2 Redbones and they very alike but so different in so many things too. Roscoe has very long ears, droopy eyes, lighter softer hair and is taller then Cooper. There barks and howls are different. They may look a little different but have the same personalities and dispositions. All around the best dogs in the world. I want to start a Redbone Coonhound rescue but still have not talked the wife into that one yet.

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