Photo why are my coon hounds eyeys red today. allergies ??

my coonhound used to have this problem. it is most likely because of lack of sleep.

Photo My redbone coonhound has all the traits and markings that the breed is supposed to have except! I th

nothing is perfect so it probably just a flaw so as long as he hunts and u have his papers u should be alright but if ur going to breed then i would look into it cause defect turn away some hunters

Photo My purebread coonhound is 3 years old and weighs well over 50lbs, problem is that his back and belly

if your dog is too skinny, try adding a high fat meat to his diet until he ''thickens out.''make sure that he gets plenty of exersize everyday. walking, jogging, or even swimming some. i try to make

Photo how do redbones do with underground fences?

we have an underground fence and my redbone will not cross it.

Photo How do you get a Red Bone to heel when she is very interested in sniffing and ready to run?

it depends how old if she the dog is still young u can teach it with a leash to heel by dragging the dog 2 your heel and scolding them are if they are older u just have 2 love them and give them a tre

Photo Is it abnormal for a Redbone Coonhound to shed excessively? I have one that is 5 years old and she h

it is not unusual i know someone who has a redbone coonhound and she sheds a lot.

Photo Do redbone hounds shed?


Photo How much should a redbone puppy weight at 4 months of age? My pup doesn't look solid. She eats more
Photo my neighbors have a redbone they put him outside and he barks incessantly to get back in at their wi

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