Photo My puppy is just turned 1 year this week and chews up every toy that I give her and shreds her beds.

look into a product called bitter apple, you get it, soak a cotton ball in it, put it in the dogs mouth and hold it shut for a few seconds.Then you can take a watered down solution of it, put it in a

Photo i have a 3 month old that resembles a lion hound, except for the ridge down the back.. does the re

The ridge is present at birth and will not come in later. Some Ridgbacks are born ridgeless.

Photo My Rhodesian Ridgeback is seven months old and a pleasure. He is housebroken and lately has decided

There's a cleaning product specially made to get rid of pee stains and the odor so the dog won't go back to the same spot. Go to your local pet store or store and look for some cleaning products. I

Photo I have a male Ridgeback puppy who is somewhere between 7 to 9 months old. I have heard that too muc

I think any exercise where you are *forcing* them to push past their limits, like leashed to a bike, or along on a jog (for a fit runner) is potentially damaging to a puppy. If they are able to stop

Photo how much do these dogs normally cost?

In the Netherlands, IF you're accepted by the breeder after a rough scanning as a owner, at least 1300 euro's, or approx. 2000 usd.

Photo my 4 month old rr appears to have uneven growth , ie the back legs look longer than the front ones i

I am the original person who posted the question. Ny beautiful 4 month old puppy has just been diagnosed with Syringomylia - a horrilble condition. Has anyone outthere heard of this in this breed (com

Photo I'm considering a RR, but have two dachsunds and two tortoises. The tortoises are in a pen but, it's

It is possible to train your RR to stay away from your tortoises, however it would have to be patience, persistence and a watchful eye. RR are probably not best off leash unless they are well trained

Photo Can a Rhodesian Ridgeback get taller than the 25" to 27"? The reason I ask is that I had s

I have seen a purebred Ridgie that was quite big and it was a female!!! My baby is only 25" at the withers and an absolutely doll!!!! She is very protective and doesn't let me out of her site.

Photo How long is an 'extended period of time' ? Because I've often read how Labs or RR are not well if le

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