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The Roman Rottweiler looks like most Rottweilers but also resembles a Mastiff.  Its big, broad head with some wrinkles leads to a wide, square muzzle.  Small almond shaped eyes are slightly set back in their massive head.  Their large ears lie close to their head and hang down the sides of their face.  Their massive necks are covered in rolls of excess skin; their necks lead into a very powerful and very large body.  The breed’s long muscular legs end in huge feet, but their tail is normally docked very short.  Coat colors for the breed are the standard black and brown, black, and varieties of red. On occasion, red and tan coats can be found.  Regardless of the color, their coats can be smooth or plush.

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The Roman Rottweiler is generally the same as standard Rottweilers only more mastiff like/flock guardian type in appearance and temperament. They have a large, noble, impressive, heavy, robust, massive, powerful body. The head is broad, heavy, and strong with some wrinkling. The skull is broad and large with a broad back skull that stops deep and is well defined. The muzzle should be broad, full and square. The lips are well-developed, thick with moderate flews and pendulous lower lips. The muzzle is full with a scissor bite. The eyes are almond shaped, set deep, expressive, well apart and dark. The ears are pendant, triangular, carried forward and set well apart. The ear leather is thick and the fur is soft. The nose is wide and black. This breed's 42 teeth are large and strong. The neck is powerful, well muscled, moderately arched and with a dewlap. The chest is broad, deep and a well-pronounced fore-chest with well sprung oval ribs. The hindquarters are powerful, muscular. The front feet are compact and well arched. The tail may be docked leaving one or two vertebrae or left natural. If left natural it is curled over the back when excited or moving. The dewclaws may be cut back and dewclaws/double dewclaws are common at birth. The coat is thick and ranges from smooth to plush. It may be long but it is not desired. A thick plush coat is desired for a Rottie working as a flock guardian. The coat color is black/tan, black/rust, black/dark rust, black/mahogany and can also come in red/tan, blue/tan or black. Other colors are excepted in the Roman Rottweiler but not desirable.

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The Roman Rottweiler is a loyal family dog.  Family members are the only people this breed cares about.  Strangers should not get close to this dog or their family because this dog is extremely protective and aggressive.  Children in the family will be fine around this breed but around strange children Roman Rottweilers should not be trusted.  Unfamiliar dogs will often be threatened or even attacked by these dogs.  Training and socialization are absolutely necessary for these often intense guard dogs.  However, with the right training this breed can be sweet and loving.

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24 inches
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80 pounds

Males 80-140 pounds Females 70-110 pounds
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General Health

Roman Rottweilers can get entropion and hip dysplaysia.  They can often have anterior cruciate ligament damage which is a major ligament in their knee.  Average life expectancy for Roman Rottweilers is 10-12 years.

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The Roman Rottweiler originated in recent years as a handful of breeders have attempted to recreate the larger Rottweilers which existed in Rome centuries ago.  Rottweilers, in general, are descended from the same ancestors as Mastiffs.  They ended up being refined in Germany after some Romans had to settle in the country with their cattle and a few of the dogs because the roads were in such poor condition.  Roman Rottweilers today have the size of a large mastiff but the coloring of a Rottweiler.

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Grooming the smooth variety is easy and only requires occasional brushing and bathing.  The plush variety still needs little grooming but should be brushed more regularly depending on coat length.  Exercise is essential for this active dog.  Many varieties of exercise can be used for this breed, such as running with a bicycle or swimming.  They also enjoy playing games like fetch or running off leash.  Training and socialization is necessary for having a stable Roman Rottweiler.

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Ideal Environment

Roman Rottweilers are devoted to their family but are most definitely not for everyone.  Family members will receive lots of affection and love from this massive dog.  Being around children in the family is fine, but unfamiliar children should not be around this dog.  Aggressive tendencies are obvious with other dogs and strangers because of the breed’s over protective nature.  Intense exercise should be done every day to keep these dogs happy.  An owner with plenty of time and patience is important for socializing and training the Roman Rottweilers.  An apartment in the city or a farm in the country is fine for these gentle-with-the-family dogs.

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Good day! My husband bought a dog and they said that its a rottweiler breed but as far as I know Rott are black in color with shade of mahogany or rust. But our rottweiler color is dark rusty with white spot color on the chest with a few black strands of fur....the rusty color is much dominant....Is there really a rottweiler that is rusty in color?

Rottweilers are black and tan but White markings mean genetic flaw. He is still a rottweiler but would not be able to show in any shows as the white is a disqualification. Your dog is likely still Rottweiler, but sometimes white appears. Sometimes it appears in puppies but grows out of it but Breeding white markings is not recommended as they like to keep Rottweiler strictly Black and brown or like explained above. Hope this helps :)

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