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I've just rescued a yellow lab from our local humane society. She was very sick when I got her with both ears infected, kennel cough and a respiratory infection, she is all better now. She is great, we love her to death! However we have developed a problem, she now wants to eat her own poop, is this common in labs? If not what could be causing this, is she hungry?

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This is a common behavior in any dog. Most of the time they will out grow it. But if that do not there is some stuff that you can get from the vet and also over the counter that you give to them and when digested it causes there poop to taste very undesireable. I have a 5 month yellow lab. She does the same thing but I think she is out gowing it. I don't notice it as much now.

I've heard adding pineapple to the food gives the same neg. effect

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