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I have a black male retriever who impregnated my one year old black female lab. She had 6 puppies yesterday...5 pups are with the typical white chest markings...but one pup came out completely white...with a pink nose. Is this common? Are there any long term health care issues that might arise? Could this be an albino puppy as both parents are black and so is there lineage.

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This is not uncommon and somewhere in the bloodline there must have been a yellow. Does either of your blacks have a white mark on their chest? That indicates that are yellow factored. There are no health issues to worry about. That pup will be just fine. In a week or so the pigmentation will begin to appear and the puppy will probably develop black pads on its feet and its nose will begin to turn black. If not, the puppies nose will turn a liver color as it gets older and will be a very beautiful pup. Eyes will more than likely be very yellow.

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