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I have a chocolate lab who is about 7 years old and he is fat. I don't really know how he got 2 be over weight because we feed him treats like brocoilli. He gets lots of exercize cause we have a kitten that likes 2 chase him. Any ideas?

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labs will eat any thing left lying around someones i know once ate a slug farm so just check it's not as simple as he is eating out of the bin!

When you leave the house, make sure you take the bin out with you and dispose of all remains of food lying around. I have had a Labrador that a caught raiding the bin when I came home early from work.

Labs are hearty eaters. You should try measuring your labs food feeding him around two-three cups of his dog food a day. And not offer as many treat during the day. Eukanuba now has a great dog food for labs that is made to help them burn fat instead of keeping it. Labs tend to get overweight more easily if they have been spayed/neutered also.

Yeah I had two chocolates. I filled the bin with a brand new 50lb bag of food. They radied it while I was gone and ate almost half of it! These are very smart problem solving dogs. Mine even taught themselves how to open the gate. As far as weight goes, my vet said that you should be able to see the outline of their hips but you shoulder never see any ribs.

My yellow lab was once severly overweight, he got diabetes, he was old and slow. It was the death of him.NO TABLE SCRAPS AND LOTS OF EXERCIZE. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!

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