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I have a very large Black femal Labrador 9 months 100 pounds, very active, and difficult to walk on leash because she is so strong.. She runs the yard and plays with my Retriever but still too much energy for my Retrieve and dominating of her. But too, she is very sweet. Will my Lab calm down by the time she abour 3 years? I want to keep her hoping she will calm down later. She is spaded.

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A prong collar is useful to prevent pulling on the leash. This is not the same as a choke collar, which is not a good idea, since it can damage the windpipe. Remember to remove the collar when off-leash.

Labs do calm down in around 3-4 years. I've had two labs and they both calmed down at three. It also depends on your lab, each dog is different.

A prong collar is a bad idea, just try putting it around your neck and it will hurt. In my opinion i would try a head collar or buy the illusion collar made by Cesar Millan's wife.

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