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I have an 8 yr. old Black Lab and now have an opportunity to get a 1 yr. old male Rot. Your temperament section says "they have a tendency to be agressive toward other dogs". Is this a trait that can be worked through or would this just be a bad situation for both dogs?

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Hi there, I have had four Rotties, My first one I had with 2 cocker spanials, and another female rottie,my third one I got an English pointer puppy as a companian for her when she was 2 years old and they were great mates, at present I have a 7mth old female rottie with my 9yr old English Pointer and they get on great. The English Pointer is top dog which is how I like it. I have found that rotties do not like being the only dog, they are very very social and love human company, my rottie follows me everywhere, she is quite content just to be by my side. All my rotties have had a very strong bond with me. They can also watch TV whereas my Pointer cannot.

Any dog has the ability to be aggressive. Some are more prone to this "red-zone" behavior. Get the Rott into some classes that promote healthy socialization and the possible problem will be more and more impossible. Also, when greeting your dogs with any other dog, allow sniffing of the butt first. Never face-to-face.

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