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I have purchased a 1 month old labrador puppy should i start giving training to it from now

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this is not a correct time for this age he cant understand anything.if you want to give training then start it between 2 to 3 months this is the best age to train your dog.

Yes, start training right away. Otherwise, they will get out of hand.

Start play training as soon as the puppy comes into the household. When they respond to their name you can start with sit - stay training. Housebreaking should start right away. They will make mistakes at first but they learn fast. For the first 18 months they chew anything they can get in their mouths, then one day, as if a light got turned on, they stop chewing. Labs are hardheaded. You have to get their attention before you can train them, anyway you can. But once you get the idea accross to them, they are very reliable.

NOT AT ALL! i have had 4 labs (2 yellow,1 chocolate n 1 black) if u want to do something good for U lab...then please don't make him suffer in this way...he just cant understand anything...let him be 3-4 months..n let him get used to u...let him b very active around u...n then U result will b in front of u! A++ trust me!

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