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Im getting a 8 week old Yellow Lab this weekend. I have read up on how to train them and the attention they need but any suggestons on feeding? What is the healthiest food to give them, how much and how often and do they need dog combatible milk being that young?

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We feed our dog tux... it's cheap, healthy and our lab loves it. It's all she has had since she was about 1.. But i live in New Zealand, so depending where you live you might not be able to get or not.

I would talk to the breeder that you are buying your lab from. When we brought ours home at 7 weeks she was not on any sort of milk and we also made sure to use the same type of food for at least a good month after bringing her home. This will stabablize her digestion. We were giving them purina puppy chow and then upgraded to purina proplan. They love it but it is a little pricier. What ever you do buy though make sure that nothing with corn is in the first three indgedients

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