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My 8 month old will not be out side for more than 1 minute before she whimes and barks like CRAZY!! I've tried waiting by the door until she barks and then telling her no in a ferm voice... haven't tried bark collors but SDhe very enoying and I will soon be fined!

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All you have to do is put her on a leash and go out with her. Untill she finds the outside world ineresting enough to explore by herself. Keep going out with her every time for 10 min or so, and then start doing it with out the leash. After a couple of weeks, you should be able to be outside but be by your door, and she will go do her thing. It will take time, put out some stuff for her to play with, but only use a bark coller as a very last result, she sound just like she wants to be with you!

Labs are people dogs, they want to be where the people are!!. She wants you to join her outside. At 8 months old, supervising her while outside is a good idea..This will prevent the development of bad habits like digging, barking, also prevent accidents like eating poisinous plants, chewing inappropiate things, or her playing and forgetting to go to the bathroom and having an accident in doors; This is also a good time for training fetch, come, sit, and your term for doing her duty. Wishing you the best, lab puppies are wonderful!!

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