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We have two male mini Dachshunds - one is a year and a half, the other is 7 months. Prior to getting our newer boy, our older one was "best friends" with his "cousin" a lab of the same age. They played together constantly, would never be away from each other - even slept in the same bed when they were together. To this day, if we say the lab's name in front of him, he runs to the window to look for him. However, the first night we introduced our new puppy, our older one took on a horribly protective demeanor, and has lost all of his friendly behaviors around the lab. He is still sweet and loving and himself in any other aspect of life - but when the three dogs are together, he isolates himself and gets mean and aggressive whenever the lab gets too close. The puppy and the lab have now become as playful and friendly. Is our first boy jealous? What can we do to bring them together again? Or at least keep him from being so mean?

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I think i might have the anwer. my two dogs used to do this, too, when we got our first beagle puppy. maybe your older male dachsund is jealous like you said, or he feels the puppy cannot protect himself, wich means the older dachshund might be protecting your new puppy. try taking the new puppy in a room to play with someone else while you get the lab and your older dachshund to play together, and hopefully your older dachshund will soften up.

If possible, take all 3 dogs on walks together regularly. My dogs do the same thing and taking them for a walk all together creates the "pack" atmosphere with them and will show that they are a family.As the puppy grows the behavior should return to normal as well.

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