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When can I start giving my 10 month old lab Adult food?

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My lab is 9 months and puppy food wasnt satisfying her enough so our vet told ous to slowly and gradually change her to adult food....we started at 7 months and she is now only eating adult food. Talk to your vet. They know whats best for your dog.

We are in Australia and have a 5 month old yellow lab pup. We have been feeding him a mixture of raw lamb/chicken/roo mince that is mixed with cooked pasta and veges since he was 12 weeks old (on recommendation from our vet). He has this of an evening and during the day he has dry dog biscuits. His overall health and temperament is excellent. I'm not sure what you mean by the term "adult food" ???

My lab is 15 weeks old. I was started giving chicken from 11 weeks.

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