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Why are my 8 month old pure bred ($1,000 each) chocolate labrador retrievers turning a splotchy orange? Is it the sun? I bought 2 male siblings as hunting dogs, so they are outdoors. The one is more like an American lab with a short sleek coat that is more like milk chocolate. The other one is more like an English lab with a slightly longer coat and a lot of fur in the neck region, and he is more like dark chocolate. The English-lookiing one has turned a very splotchy orange. The other one just has an orangy tinge These were bred from a long line of show dogs and hunters. Is there anything I can do to bring back their beautiful color?

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It is from the sun, as they shed and replace their fur they will darken up again.

I have a 6 week old Black Labrador who has small flecks of brown on her legs will this change as she get her adult coat, Her mother is Yellow and Father Black

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