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hi my names jarrad i am from australia i have two labradors one male(2 1/2 years) one female(15 months) i purchased my bitch from a breeder with regestration(papers), and she was bred in a show dog envirioment. I am having concerns about her running around in circles(anti clockwise only!) when she is mainly excited,but not always. we have tried several things to stop her like going to behavioural dog trainers etc, but with no success. i really want to find a way of stopping this so she lives a full healthy life.i am mainly concerned for her well being and also we are planning pups for her later on. Obviously this would be wearing her muscles and joints unevenly and i know labradors are well known for bad hips and elbows. have you come across this before and is it just a bad habit or is it bad breeding. any info etc would be greatly appreciated.

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My lab does this and I have no idea why or how to stop it. But he is almost 10, he does not have any uneven hip/elbow issues. He doesn't have hip/elbow issues at all, actually. I don't think there is anything inherently harmful about it, you should ask a vet if it really concerns you. Sometime I tackle my lab to the ground when he starts to do it - which does stop him, but I just do it to mess with him and that's happens to be a side effect

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