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i have bought a Black Lab, which is just 3 weeks old, What shud i be feeding it and till when(months)? And i one i have is complete black but has some white patches near Neck and on its toes does this colour erase when i grows or would it have an mixed colour of balck and white ?

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as i understand it, it is common for labs to have a patch of white on the chest. Ive not heard of white feet tho, but i wouldnt be worried. The white patches will prob become less pronounced as it grows into adulthood but will most likely remain to some degree. I have a yellow female lab and she has a little white and is 5yrs old. For the best feeding advice you should ask your vet, or if you find a good pet store, at least one of the clerks should have good advice for you and be able to answer all your questions. Really tho, any name brand puppy chow should be fine, i have always bought eagle brand.

Ask the breeder what it was feeding the puppy, and if you are happy to carry on with this diet, you can but if not, and you want to give it a different food then you should gradually change it. Such as putting a bit more of the new food into the old food each day. Soon it will live on the new food.

At 3 weeks old, your puppy should still be feeding from their mother. Take your pup to your own or nearest vet as your pup's immune system is not fully developed at this early stage in their young lives. The person who sold you this pup should be ashamed of themselves. The vet should be able to advise of the liquid feed they will be needing. Normally pup's can leave their mums from 6wks onwards. In Great Britain they normally will then need to be vaccinated at 8 and 10 wks, different countries may vary slightly, and require further vaccs and then future boosters. Regarding colour, both yellow Labs, chocolate and black can have small patches of white included in their coat. It stays the same colour throughout their lives.

The white spot if on chest is not a big deal and neither is the white if it's on the bottom of your labs feet. The spot on chest may not go away but be less noticable, and on feet will not be very noticable and will sometimes go away. White on the bottom of feet are called "Bolo Marks". It is named after CH Banchory Bolo an lab from earlier years said to pass this on to his generations. Very strange that the breeder gave you the puppy so young, I never let one leave before 8wks. old.

You should feed a 3 week old puppy, puppy formula in a bottle from a pet store them ween him off in I think when he is eight weeks old.

You shouldve taken it back to the person you got it from unless you bred it yourself. No one would give away a puppy until it was 7 weeks old or higher. Feed it formula until 6 weeks of age. Its not even at weaning age.

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