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(Moscow Toy Terrie, Moscovian Miniature Terrier, Russian Longhaired Toy Terrier, Moscow Longhair Toy Terrier)The Russian Toy Terrier resembles a Chihuahua.  Almost everything about this dog can be described as little or tiny because it is one of the smallest dogs in the world.  Only its round eyes set in their little round head could be categorized as large.  Even their short square muzzle ends with a tiny black nose.  One main distinctive characteristic is their ears which are quite big compared to their head and stand straight up.  On their ears, the hair feathers out so that they resemble the ears of a Papillon. The breed has a long neck leading into a tiny body, and their skinny legs lead to little feet.  Their coat can be longhaired or smooth haired, and the colors are most commonly sable, red, or black and tan.

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The Russian Toy Terrier's name was officially changed by RKF (Russian Kennology Federation) in 2007 to Russian Toy. From that time, the name Russian Toy Terrier is incorrect and is not recognized by RKF or FCI. Some breeders have developed and are active in breeding hairless Russian toys. Though its still not accepted in breed standard, it may soon be.

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The Russian Toy Terrier is a fun and active dog.  Family is the only thing on this little dog’s mind; they want to be with their owners no matter what and are extremely devoted to them.  Children, strangers, and other animals will see no fear or aggression in this friendly dog.  Intelligence makes this the perfect breed for agility training or obedience training.

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8-10 inches
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3-6 pounds
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General Health

The Russian Toy Terrier has few medical concerns.  Since this is a fairly rare breed the life expectancy is unknown.

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The Russian Toy Terrier originated in the latter half of the 1900’s in Russia.  At the start of the century, English Toy Terriers were an incredibly popular companion breed among Russian families but a few decades later the number of these dogs being brought into the country diminished significantly.  At about the middle of the century, dog breeders in Russia decided to recreate the breed by mixing other terriers together, including some remaining English Toy Terriers.  Because the country was isolated, the resulting dogs were able to develop into their own breed which became known as the Russian Toy Terrier.

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Since there are two coat varieties, there are different grooming needs for the Russian Toy Terriers. The longhaired variety should be brushed every day.  However, the short haired type only needs to be lightly brushed once a week or wiped off with a damp wash cloth.  Both types should get a bath every month.  When bathing, it is important not to get water in the dog’s ears. Their ears should be cleaned out regularly.  Many people believe exercise is not needed if you have a little dog but that is not true.  This breed should be walked every day and should participate in fun activities, such as agility. 

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Ideal Environment

Almost any home will be happier with the Russian Toy Terrier.  Everyone will be treated kindly by this always-friendly perky dog.  Other animals will also be treated kindly and never attacked or threatened by these tiny dogs.  An apartment or house is a fine place for this breed to live.  Elderly people can find a very loyal companion with the Russian Toy Terrier, too.  Training and exercise are all vital for a happy and healthy Russian Toy Terrier.

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are they inside or outside dogs?

They are inside dogs only. They are about Chihuahua's size. And when temperature goes a bit low they get cold.


Where can I find information about russian toy terrier puppy breeding, house-training,diseases etc? There are books about puppies house-training etc. in general. Do they apply to the russian toy breed?

Russian Toy Breed has its own issues in breeding, feeding and etc. We have all needed materials in our kennel. But I need to know what exactly you need. Are you going to breed your dog or just having it as a pet? Contact me at, I can send you what you need.

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