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Where can I find information about russian toy terrier puppy breeding, house-training,diseases etc? There are books about puppies house-training etc. in general. Do they apply to the russian toy breed?

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Russian Toy Breed has its own issues in breeding, feeding and etc. We have all needed materials in our kennel. But I need to know what exactly you need. Are you going to breed your dog or just having it as a pet? Contact me at, I can send you what you need.

I suggest you talk with reputable breeders. The breed is relatively new and not much is known about them. I took a chance getting our RTT when he was a puppy. I got him from an RTT breeder in Utah and he came with a 2 year health guarantee and papers (showing that his mom and dad were from good stock). We've had nothing but problems with him. He has food allergies (the equivalent of IBD in humans) so he is on a limited ingredient diet. He was doing fine on a high end dry kibble food and then he almost died 2 summers ago of dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea. The doctor just found a heart murmer and thinks he has a heart valve problem and now his fur is falling out!!! We've spent more money on his medical bills than any of our own children! He's on more medication than anyone in our house and he's only 5!! Do your research!!!!

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