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(Saarloos Wolf Dog) The Saarlooswolfhond is a wolf-like dog. Their head is round, and they have a long rectangular muzzle. Their eyes are medium size and round, usually brown in color. Their nose is large and black. On top of their heads, large ears stand straight up in a triangular shape. Their neck is extremely wide, and their chest is broad. Their stomach is slightly sunken in. Their legs are of average length but are surprisingly skinny much like a wolf’s. Their tail is long and fluffy much like the rest of their thick coat which is especially fluffy around their heads. Coat colors can be wolf-gray, wolf-brown, or agouti; their coat can also have small white areas.

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The main photo shows Ruadh Kajhin de Louba-Tar. Aged 15 years.

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The Saarlooswolfhond still has a wolf-like attitude.  Family is not as important to this breed as their pack is.  Children and strangers should be hesitant around these commonly unfriendly dogs.  Training may help this breed to be more social.  A dominant leader is vital to having a happy Saarlooswolfhond because they need a leader over their pack.  They should never be in a small cage or crate because they will become distressed.  Even though this breed is wolf-like, they enjoy being in the house with their family and should not be left outside and forgotten. 

This breed makes for a good guard dog. It's wolf like appearance will ward off intruders and for good reason. This breed is very agile and muscular with a strong bite. This breed is very loyal and can be protective of it's owners. It may also be very protective of children. The Saarloss Wolfhound enjoys jogging for miles, hiking, swimming, and snow. Be sure to properly train and socialize this breed and it will be great with other dogs. They may tend to prey on smaller animals due to their natural hunter type instincts.

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24-29 inches
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79-90 pounds
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General Health

The Saarlooswolfhond is a pretty healthy breed because their breed association is strict about regulating casual breeding.  Their life expectancy is around 10-12 years.

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The Saarlooswolfhond originated in the first half of the 20th century in the Netherlands.  In 1921, Leendert Saarloos decided to cross German Shepherds with a wolf with the hopes of making a more highly trainable German Shepherd.  After many long years of work, Saarloos succeeded in creating a new breed – it was officially recognized in 1975 – but the breed did not take to training any better.  This breed is almost exclusively found in the Netherlands, and the Saarlooswolfhond breeders club refuses to permit breeding outside of a tightly controlled radius because they want to maintain the purity of the breed.

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Grooming is simple for this breed.  Brushing is needed on a regular basis but bathing should rarely be done as it removes the water resistance of their coat.  Exercise is vital to this extremely active breed.  For exercise, the Saarlooswolfhond should be given lots of time and space to run or should be taken on long walks.  Obedience training is not necessary because they are often defiant and do not take well to learning commands.  

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Ideal Environment

The Saarlooswolfhond is a sweet dog but does not do well with all family environments.  Children and strangers will not be greeted with enthusiasm by the Saarlooswolfhond.  The family is important to this breed, but they are more focused on their pack of animals or people.  This breed is good with dogs as long as the other dogs are comfortable with a pack atmosphere.  An apartment is never a good living environment for the Saarlooswolfhond because they need a yard.  An abundance of energy makes this dog perfect for farm or country living.  The most important thing for an owner of this breed is to be dominant and to set themselves up as the leader right away.

This breed enjoys a large yard and plenty of exercise. If properly socialized and trained they do well in family environments. They enjoy hikes and woodland related activities.

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