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Getting a Saluki in Sydney Australia which is 9 months old from a dog refuge. Seems quite lively and more personality than I am toldthe breed usually has. Any tips on raising them?

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Salukis puppies should be outgoing and very high energy. Lots of off-lead running in a fenced, safe location. At a year he can be entered into lure coursing. Check out will give you a calendar. You can practice him now on short courses. Socialize, socialize, socialize. And, have fun!

I rescued my saluki from an animal shelter and didn't know the first thing about them although I could tell she was a gentle dog. I discovered that gentleness does not go unnoticed with these beautiful animals. We have a very sensitive and gentle German Shepherd, he adores her and they hate being parted. Although he understands teasing and playing from the family which he loves we have to be more thoughtful about the way she is played with, however she is now a mirror image of her mate and copies him in everything he does. She learns from him and although they say that the Saluki can be aloof even with the family we are finding that because she copies she loves cuddles and comes up to us (especially my husband) with her front feet on the sofa and almost nose to nose with him and he has to give her a genle rib tickle which she wags her tail at and raises her head just like her mate. Gentleness has been paramount for her and her recall is brilliant, to do that when we first got her we attached her to her mate and he walked her, he doesn't chase but his recall is brilliant. She has learned so much with him as her teacher.

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