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My Samoyed is 6 months old and only 1 ear is up. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do? Also, 1 of his eyes is gray where it should be white. Does this indicate a future eye problem?

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um. I have a samoyed and when he was a baby he didn't have that problem, but my friend got a samoyed before 7 months and her ears were also like that but know they are normal and i think it is not a problem. also if you real some information about samoyeds there normal eye colour is black or brown but some dogs have that and then the eye colour changes if you want that to happen quicker then lift your dogs hear for about 5 mins looking at the sun and do that 3 times a week for a whole month and it will change... i know that from personal trying and it works.

When i first bought my samoyed one ear was up and the other as down u i was a bit worried but don't be the samoyeds ear will come back up soon :)

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