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Do they have fur or do they have hair? Are they good for allergies?

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They have fur. They shed a LOT, so I don't know if I would recommend to someone with bad pet allergies. Otherwise, this is the best breed on the planet!

Well, when I first got into Schipperkes, I was highly allergic to dogs. I was astonished to discover that I didn't react at all around them. I won't promise that they are hyp-allergenic, but I've found a number of other people who also did not find the Schip to trigger an allergic reaction. One of the reasons may be that they groom themselves - sort of like cats - but their saliva, which is the allergy trigger for cats, isn't at all the same. One other thing I especially love about the Schip is that they don't smell like wet dog, even when they are wet. However, like all dogs, they will find something disgusting to roll in from time to time, requiring the occasional bath.

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