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Our Scottish Terrier is 17 weeks old. It has one ear that points straight and one that flops down? Is this typical? Will the other ear begin to point straight or should I try something to straighten it?

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When I got my Scottie he had one floppy ear as well. After a few weeks the other one stood up. He needs to develop his ear muscles. It's nothing to worry about, don't be too concerned.

At 8 weeks my scottie did that so i named him tramp..Then after all the deworming and shots he prop up ...don't ask why cause the vet didn't no either ...maybe a strength thing?

i have a 11 week old scottie and his does the same.. i am so worried the other one will not stand up!! i really want to show him cause he has got champions in his pedigree.. i massage them every day.. any advice?

Our Scottie had the same thing and I was about to tape his ear up but my husband massaged into the up position for a couple of hours while watching a movie and it started standing up from then on. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself.

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