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I have a 2 year old Shar pei with skin problem I have eliminated red meat from the diet which has worked really well but want to know if there is other foods that may be harmful to his diet?? Someone mentioned wheat maybe a problem??

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YES, YES, & YES with the wheat. I've had 4 Pei's so far (love the breed) I always have great luck STICKING to the proper diet. Pei's are proan to show problems when you change their diet even a little......all mine have exsisted just fine since they could eat solid food. Find an inexspencive piece of meat daily. I cook up about 1/2 lb. of meat, mixed with either rice or patatoe & her kibble (oupernuper) excuse the wrong spelling ! for supper, breakfast was canned lamb & rice....Excluding wheat is hard to do, but even a little will cause your Pei to chew it's legs if thats where the distress lies. Even their treats can hurt them. But you can find lamb & rice treats also. Same thing with the can food. The wrong shampoo can cause the same affect. There's only one soap I swear by, anything else causes me problems. If you have a Pei that has skin problems, this will be a constant issue for you, but you can see the inprovement with MALASEB shampoo. It also comes in a medacated type. But you can't use this all the time. It's exspensive aprox. 28.00. BUT IT WORKS !!!!! You really must straighten out this problem, it's affecting more things that you can't see. Even the attitude, obedience, happyness etc. This can really stress out any dog, but watch the difference in your Pei once you have it under control. don't give up...........

Wheat, and especially soy are a problem. You can feed your dog a limited ingredient dog food,such as fish& sweet potato, duck& potato, etc. You can get this at any good pet supply shop. I have also cooked lamb and potato, carrots, rice for my dog. Red meat is awful, but chicken is worse! My vet suggested no grain diet, just meat or fish with veg. this worked great.

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