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My shar pei has lost a lot of weight over the last yr, he has been to the vets 4 times, although he cannot find anything wrong with him, and I cant seem to get him to put any weight on??

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I've had 4 Pei's so far, and I've found that I know more than most Vet's with this breed....... You really didn't give enough info. to zero in with a comfortable ans. " BUT" My last Pei ASHLEY (was the best of the best) I could never have another to fit her shoes in all manners. On Christmas eve of 08 she passed away suddenly with BLOAT. When I look back several months prior, I remember her having day's of distress, and eating little, or not at alll. Then bouncing back, to a normal state, so it left me confused to zeroing on the problem. I hate to even bring this up, as bloat for the most part is a death sentence. It's a terriable painful way to loose one's beloved pet. Read up on Bloat if you can. I found little info. after the fact. Mostly speaks of getting to the Vet IMMEDIATE ! And it cost about 5,000 for major operration, which at best is a 50, 50 chance of survival. They don't know what causes it, some think it may be from gulping their food to fast, which causes stomach to twist, huge swelling cut's of blood flow to rear body organs..... I ( THINK ) the kibble I mix with her steak, rice or patatoes supper was the culprit. I feel when the dog drinks water right after, the kibble blows up to 3-4 times it's size, causing a log jam, to start off the rest of the procedure for the bloat to start !!!!Just my unprofeshional theroy.....Hope I'm wrong, my Ashley was 0nly 8, & in fantastic shape.... Try feeding him just lamb & rice, & cook up some meat to mix in. It cost me aprox.1.00-1.50 daily, But ever since she could eat solid food it has been that way. And she was in excel. shape and looked like a champion Pei should look like. I'll pray for you & your guy.........The power of prayer can be some strong medicine

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