Photo whats good to use for their itchy skin??

Special flea spray...maybe wait for it to clear up? Ask your veterinarian for advice

Photo how hard are they to take care of? I've heard there realy hard because of all there medical problems

If you feed them a diet without any wheat, it seems to help prevent some of the skin problems. If you have a good breeder and an excellent vet who has experience with the breed many problems can be a

Photo is the pei good with kids

Yes. But a little lazy. So if you want a dog for the kids to play with, you should find another breed.

Photo Would they get along with a maltese?

Yes! they have to be properly introduced, but if the maltese was there first, and you get a young dog, it should be no problem. I've had 3 shar peis over the years, and 2 maltese, and they loved eacho

Photo i have 2 peis, 1 is male 16 months old and a female 7 months old, both from different breeders. the

Are you sure they're just not playing? I have 2 Shar Pei's as well - they've been together for over 10 years now - and love to wrestle. It may look like they're fighting - and there have been occation

Photo I have a 2 year old Shar pei with skin problem I have eliminated red meat from the diet which has wo

YES, YES, & YES with the wheat. I've had 4 Pei's so far (love the breed) I always have great luck STICKING to the proper diet. Pei's are proan to show problems when you change their diet ev

Photo Just wondering, would you recommend a Shar Pei for people who work durning the daytime? Obviously it

The Shar-Pei is a dog breed that is jjust fine to be left at home while the owner works as long as the owner spends an adequate amount of time with their dog. It is important to pay atention to the do

Photo My shar pei has lost a lot of weight over the last yr, he has been to the vets 4 times, although he

I've had 4 Pei's so far, and I've found that I know more than most Vet's with this breed....... You really didn't give enough info. to zero in with a comfortable ans. " BUT" My last Pei ASH

Photo Hi! My partner and I are getting two shar-pei puppies from the same litter (both male, nine weeks ol

I raised 2 Shar Peis about 18 years ago. It was the best decision to have 2 of them. They are so social and really enjoy one another when you are gone. Three years ago my husband got me another

Photo I have 2 male sharpei 18 months old and i am finding it hard to keep them cool in this hot weather

You can give them what I call "ice-baths." You can buy a small kiddie pool from K-Mart/Wal-Mart, etc. After you have it in the yard you fill it with ice and let them play in it. It's like ta

Photo Considering adopting a 6 mo old Shar Pei/Lab mix from shelter. I was told she bit the ankle of her p

My Shar-Pei is 5 yrs old and has never acted aggressivly towards another pet or person. Sometimes, they do this growling thing, but that is as far as it goes. I recently got a Boxer puppy and she is s

Photo I have just purchased a brother and sister they are 9 weeks old and today they shocked me on how agr

They are usually just like kids. Most of the time no interference is needed but they can get carried away. Shar pei's generally will get tired and stop playfighting in a short time. I have never ha

Photo My shar pei has real bad allergies, I have taken her off dog food and put her on deer meat and rice,

There is a vet prescribed allergy medicine that we gave to our Shar Pei for years. As for food we are feeding our two new Peis a food from tractor supply which seems to work quite well it is grain fr

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