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is the pei good with kids

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Yes. But a little lazy. So if you want a dog for the kids to play with, you should find another breed.

First, there are different types of Chinese Shar Pei. Old World style and Typey. Old World style is high drive, high energy, stubborn, focused~ they are a direct kickback to the original temperament bred in China. Typey is also known as the Americanized Pei, they are laid back, tend to snort, snuff, snore, and while having bouts of playful energy also enjoy couch potato quality time. As far as kids and owners go, Pei need an alpha firm loving owner, regardless if this owner is an adult or child. Not all children are raised to respect animals, to pick up the signs and cues of animal behavior and signals. As well some children when they scream, run amuck, will in turn rile up an animal. Proper socialization of both puppy and children is a must. ~ DragonSoul Shar Pei

The Shar Pei does great with kids. You get the best of both worlds with them. When you or they are ready to play, the dog will be very playful. When you want to chill, they will definitely chill, probably go to sleep for a while. Our dog barks when we get home, he's very excited to see everyone. Then, he goes about his business of just chilling out or will play when you're ready.

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