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Can I shave My dog in the summer time. Is it safe for her to have short hair

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I wouldnt shave your dog even if it summer because they could get cold when the air condionining is n in your home so probally not!

No! You should never shave any dog thinking that you are helping them stay cooler. That is a myth! The hair helps to insolate them from the heat just like it does from the cold. It will also protect them from the sun. Animals get sunburn like people do. The coat is there for a reason. To protect the dog from any of the elements year 'round. You can have the dog trimmed or clipped to a puppy cut but it needs to stay long enough & thick enough to do it's job. I am thinking of adopting a Morkie this week from someone & he just over a year old. I hope he's potty trained like the guy said! And I hope my lab won't be afraid of him. She's gentle with little animals. I'm more afraid of what my aggressive cat will do!

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