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Hi, I've had two dachshunds and both of them have lifted one of their hind legs when they walk. which makes them sort of trot. I know the leg isn't injured because they switched legs all the time. Does anyone know why they do this?

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I'm not really sure, but one of mine does that too...kind of like he's skipping... The one that we had when I was little did the same thing. I'm not possitive, but I think that it's just that dachsunds, along with some other breeds, have another gait, just like some horse breeds have a 5th gait.

he is skipping because he has a genetic problem that moves from generation to generation. It isnt the patella but it is a tendon that didnt grow right when he was young. He will pass it on to his get and it will be a problem as he gets older. It is better to not breed this kind of genetic problem.

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