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I'm a first time dog owner and I really want this dog, should I get one?

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No, please consider getting a more manageable breed, as the Caucasian Ovcharka can easily become very dominant and unmanageable if he senses that the owner lacks leadership or experience, and you may end up with a very aggressive/owner dominant 150 pounds dog. Please re-consider.

yes you can get one but how big is your yard ?

No this dog is NOT for you!!!! Even the most experienced dog owner has problems with this dog! You can do everything perfect socializing, exercising, love and training but it doesn't matter the it's harsh brave aggressive behavior is ingrained in its DNA. I am all about any breed can be a loving companion (owner of 2 pit bulls and a pekingese) but this dog is extremely different!!! Some say it not even a dog but some ruthless soldier in a dogs body that with do whatever it wants when it wants! Please please I bed of you DO NOT get this Animal!!! If you are into the fluffiness new foundland, great pyrenees and leonberger are great loving companions and well of course big and fluffy! Please don't do it and if you're still considering do ALOT of research!!! You're always suppose to start out with an easier dog for your first dog! But remember dogs are WAY more work than you first think they are worse than kids and live for a long time! Also remember there are MILLIONS of shelter dogs just waiting to be saved and given a great live and safe home!!!!!!

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