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I am getting a shih Tzu pure bred puppy from a private breeder. She has been e-mailing me pictures of the pup, and the last ones I got showed a raised scar-like line on his nose. He is only 4 weeks old and is dark chocolate in color (liver). In the previous pictures this was not there. The breeder said that the puppy’s nose pigment was changing to a darker shade. Is this true?

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Yes it is. The puppies are generally born with light noses and they darken over time

I would be cautious. Breeders can do some bad things. Check to make sure the breeder has certification and go visit the breeder. If the dogs are kept in dirty kennels you are most likely dealing with a puppy mill.

We had the most beautiful puppies from I would recommend her to anyone who wants the very best at a very reasonable cost.

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