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I bought a dachshund puppy that is all black except for his chest. It's white and has some spots inside the white markings. The breeder told me the father was a piebald. Could this be true? Is he really a black and tan with the missing gene? He's had a litter of pups with my black and tan. Some of them are the same markings, but soiled white. Is this normal. Did I get taken advantage of?

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Does he look like a dachshund? Yes it is possible that he can be colored that way because of breeding for certain colors in recent years it is very possible. I didn't know any of this before hand I just learned this from trying to find out about dachshund heat cycles because I have a chihuahua dachshund mix mutt. Over all unless you want to shell out major cash for dna testing that will make you think twice about ever getting a dog you just have to go buy how he looks.

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