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I have a six month old female french. I've been feeding her as much as she wants, but she's still only 11 pounds. The breeder told me that she's a runt, but I'm worried that she doesn't weigh a healthy weight. Do I have anything to worry about?

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I would first recommend taking her stool sample to a vet to have them check for intestinal parisites and possibly giardia, coccidia, etc. I work for a vet so I know that a lot of puppies get these typical things which would either make them appear bloated or it can make them appear too skinny. My 10 month old Frenchie weighs about 22 lbs and he's really short and stocky. Having her spayed will also help her put on weight if there's nothing medically wrong. Hope this helped enough to at least get you started.

dont wory as some female are small like her mother (if so) certainly if she is too small, she will have less babies or more dangerous to have baby. If you not not a breeder, then just love her as French bulldogs shud be small.

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