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I have an 8wk old GSD puppy that just all of a sudden started limping and sometimes even falling over. The vet said he had a 50 50 chance of growing out of it but didn't really explain what is wrong with him. What could be causing this if he had never shown a problem before?

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I have a puppy that just turned a year. About age four months she start limping in her left front, although without falling down. Two vets told me that she would grow out of it and she has. Like I said she didn't fall down just the limp. I cant remember exactly what they told me was the name of the condition was but I researched it and it seemed to come on a little later than 8 wks, but was common to the breed.

It's called Panosteitis.

My vet described it to me as growing pains.

This might be due to a front knee joint with dysplasia and fragmentation of the medial coronoid process, where this caused my girl pain and instability. She is receiving acupuncture and seems to respond well to this

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