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My 3year old longhaired dachs has dry shin. We've taken hime to the Vet and rec'v shots for allergy, and have changed his foosd to a higher quality food. He continues to have dry skin and red itchy ears. What should i do??

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I had a Dachshund with the same problem! Of course, it may not be the same allergies but this is what I learned. First and most important will be his food. You need to feed a high quality food like Timberwolf or Solid Gold. The food must not contain any animal bi-products and the first ingredients should be meat. Bi-products are things like beaks and hair and other disgusting things you yourself would not want to eat! You will see a major improvement within weeks. Second will be his shampoo. You should be able to wash your dog daily without any side affects so long as your shampoo is natural, containing no chemicals of any kind. You will not find these types of products at your vet. Look at your local non-franchised pet stores or search natural shampoos for dogs on the internet. Last, and this was specific to my dog, but he definitely had allergies to grass and pollen. I gave him Benadryl in the spring and summer months. Just so you know, my own Vet gave my dog shots, pills and shampoos that only led to more problems, never fixing the initial problem. Hope this helps and good luck!

My long haired female had the same problem. I figured out it was the wheat in the food. So i just changed her food. Bought a food with no wheat products. Now shes prefect. It took about 2 days to show signs of getting better. After about two weeks. No more itchy ears. Thanks God. Make sure treat have no wheat in them also. I hope this helps Good Luck

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