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My Morkie is going on 8 months. This evening after he had eaten a package of Pedigree soft food he became sick. Vomited all of what he had ate. Now is very listless, and is drooling quite a bit, had to put him on a towel because of his drooling. what could be causing this and should I be concerned??? thank you

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Drooling at that age could be simply a sign that your doggie is cutting teeth. Doggies don't have "wisdom teeth" per se, but they do get their back molars at about 6-9 months... but that doesn't address the vomiting at all... I assume you sought medical attention for her... Often, when outside, they eat grass to induce vomiting if they think they may have ingested something that might make them sick. Otherwise, though, vomiting is rare and may be a sign of some sort of serious issue. It is entirely possible that she got bad food. Believe it or not, mainstream dog foods are not really "premium," and further, are not subject to the rigorous level of quality control that applies to human food I'd say that if she's not a whole lot better in just a few hours, definitely see a vet.

No, that's not a good sign. Pedigree has been know to cause problems with dog who have food allergies.

My Morkie did this too when he was a pup. I ended up taking him to the Vet and it was simply an upset stomach. The drool is their way to deal and show that they aren't feeling well. My pup was put on a bland diet and was better within a day.

Was the Pedigree his usual food? Sometimes just changing from one food to another can cause vomiting. But it can be more serious. I have a Choc. Lab mix who got sick shortly after eating at least once a week. Finally it became 2-3 times a week. Then one night she couldn't stop vomiting & started to contort her body. That scared up to the emergency vet!! She was checked out for over an hour & given something to help for the night. She went to our regular vet the next day for an ultrasound. The vet said her stomach lining was thin or thick, I don't remember which right now but she said to try a different protein. I cooked her chicken, veggies & boiled potatoes or rice & made up dinners for her. She still got sick at least once a week. So we found a food for sensative systems & she has not gotten sick again. That was almost 2 years ago! The food is Salmon & rice with no other proteins in it. Also, since she can't have meat proteins we started using baby carrots as her treats instead of dog treats. She LOVES them & they are just a crunchy as the others were. She is cured!! Check with your vet about protein reactions. It can't hrt to

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