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We have a 18 month old who snatches and swallows all kinds of things. She growls and refused to give up what she has. Is this normal behavior for this breed?

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most defonetly not one unusal thing is that chesapeaks feed of the the emothions around them and they get more agresive if they are abused but if i continues seek a profetoinal dog trainer or get her spaded

Any dog has the potential to become dominant over items she is claiming as her own. As the LEAD DOG in the house, you need to make sure she knows that everything in it is your. Seeing a professional trainer can help teach you to be the pack leader. Email me with any other questions...I am an accredited trainer.

My 2yr. old male had a similar problem at first, i adopted him from a shelter and he had horrible manners...try making the dog sit when it has whatever object you dont want her to have, putting your hand on top of the muzzle and physically taking it,if she offers little resistance reward her with a treat and eventually she'll associate giving up said item(s) with treats and will readily comply

It is natural for the breed to pick up and hold objects in its mouth,but not to growl or snap. To change this behavior, do the following: Teach your dog basic obedience (sit, down, stay, heel, come). DO NOT play tug of war with your dog. This increases aggression in any dog and is a destructive habit. Instead, find an appropriate object, such as a tennis ball and trade your dog for the desired object. For instance, if the dog has a doll in its mouth, interest the dog in the ball. When the dog picks up the ball, take the doll away and fold it in your arms, DON'T HOLD OBJECTS IN THE AIR! Holding an object in the air will only encourage your dog to jump for it. Praise your dog for taking the ball and put the doll out of sight and out of reach. Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and enough mental stimulation. Do not hit your dog. Instead scold the dog firmly for bad behavior and always praise good behavior. If you follow this simple procedure you should have a much more positive experience with your dog.

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